Heritage Tomato, Nectarine, Aged Feta, Smoked Salt and Homemade Dukkah Salad

Kate’s recipe, as featured in the July issue of In and Around magazine. We’re coming to the very end of the home-grown tomato season.  If you’ve got a bit of a glut going, here is a fabulous late  summer recipe using the very best of English tomatoes.  The Dukkah is fabulous sprinkled on grilled meats […]

The delights of good soup in winter

I find nothing more satisfying than making soup through the Winter months. So comforting and warms you from top to toe. Health-giving and cleansing, especially when made with nutritious home-made bone broth or, for the non-meat-eaters, vegetable stock which adds real depth of flavour. My children happen to love soup and it is a great […]