Ordering & Delivery FAQS

How easy and secure is ordering?

Ordering from our shop is very simple and quick. Simply click the products you wish to buy, when you have finished, checkout and pay. Ordering is secure through PayPal. Once you have paid you will receive confirmation of payment by email.

Where and when will we deliver?

Orders and payment must be made by 3pm on Monday for delivery on Thursday or Friday of the same week. Your exact delivery time will be set once you have received confirmation of your order from us .  If your order is placed after this time, your order will be delivered the following week. We deliver within Rutland and Stamford. Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver countrywide.

What will delivery cost and is there a minimum order?

Delivery is currently free of charge within Rutland and Stamford with a minimum order value of £50.00.

How will your product be delivered?

Your delivery will be made by a member of the Kate.Cooks team. It will be transported in professional catering thermos boxes and will be handed over personally to you. Your dish or dishes can then be placed directly into your freezer.  Each dish will be labelled clearly with the name of the dish, full ingredients and a list of allergens and easy to follow cooking instructions. N.B All dishes must be thoroughly defrosted before cooking.

What is the shelf life of our freezer classics?

There is a “BBE while frozen” date on the packaging, although this is not a legal requirement, we recommend for best results you use the dish within 3 months of this date. Please defrost our dishes thoroughly before cooking, keep refrigerated and use within 2 days once defrosted.

Your order status

Any enquiries about your order, please email delivered@katecooks.co.uk

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