Shoot Lunches

  From 12th August, the Glorious Twelfth, when the grouse shooting season begins, countrypeople the nation over are looking forward to the partridge season starting in September with the pheasant season in October.   Shoot lunches have been a great tradition in this country for centuries.  As the Guns come in, they welcome a drink […]

Autumn into Winter

The autumnal equinox is just around the corner and with it always come the tail ends of the hurricanes across the Atlantic.  My husband Nigel watched the gales with amusement/trepidation as his namesake storm caused chaos nationwide.   Today the wild and windy weather has given way to soft sunshine and the beginning of the […]

Yorkshire fruit grown by candlelight

In a cavernous, dark, barn in Yorkshire, my county of birth, a strange phenomenon is taking place.  The magical process starts with the faintest of ‘pops’ crackling gently throughout the barn, followed by a mesmeric rustling as if of fairy wings.  Flickering candles held aloft on spikes allow the workers in this other-worldly realm to […]